Stanley and Gretta Tracy and Greta Tracy 1935

St Gabriel's cc lost again

Map reading

Margaret Todd, Jim Altimas, Cathy Altimas, Kevin O’Neill and Ricky Altimas in Crumlin Star, December 1974.


Jim Stafford with daughter Mary and neice

Janet and Mary with their mother Esther in the Isle of Man 1970's

In the Crumlin Star during 'Opening Night' 1974.

Larry Toolan and Gemma Toner on their Wedding Day.

Ikey Catney, - Tommy Donnelly, Jimmy McGurk, Paddy McCallum, Gerry McAuley, - - - Danny Toal, Paul Campbell, Chris McGurk, Paddy Hughes, Tom McCallan, Joe Donnelly and Seamus Reagan,

Members of the Weir and Hamill families in granny Weir’s house about1964,

Summer holidays in Isle of Man about 1965.

John Kearney, Bobby Edwards and Noel Kearney at a Christmas Dinner Function 1968.

Richard Scullion at First Communion.

Christmas Dance in Holyrood Hall about 1960

In Crumlin Star about 1977

Ardoyne 'Pop' Group, The Yaks. When we don't know.

Chris McGurk, Paul Campbell and Freddie McLaughlin.

Dominic Marshall and Paul Campbell, when we don't know.

Brookfield Canteen Girls 1986.

Silk & Rayon Factory Dance, 10th April 1947,

Paul Campbell in Havana Street 1959.