Bill & Sadie Mailey, Bobby McGrath and Joe ‘Bing’ Mailey 1979.

A day out in Bodenstown 1956. Jimmy McLarnon & Paul Liggett.

Andy Loughran and Mary Scullion 1947.

Anthony McBride about 1999.

1966 - 50th Anniversary of Easter Rising

Anne Thompson, Kathleen Stewart and Thomas Stewart with friends in Nortwick Drive in the early 1970s..jpg

Annie McCafferty and Alice Corrigan about 1950. Others are Mrs Corrigan and Mary Lowry. We don't know the children.

A Presentation of some kind, where and when is not known. Among others are Jim Hanna, Mary Hinds, Larry Toolan and Ann Tanney..jpg

Among others are Louis Scullion and Maria Lowry. The remainder, when or where we don't know..jpg

Annie McGinty, Rita McKeown, Anne Brown and Isobel Nolan all heading to Breltex Factory in the late 1950s..jpg

Holy Cross Boys School 199.

Holy cross boys P.S, Sports day June 1983.

Holy Cross Boys School - Field work Drumalla near Carnlough, June 1991.

Returning from Croagh Patrick September 1983.

Etna Drive, L-R, Michael O'Neill, Jamesy Toal and Geordie Thompson.

Rita Stewart with Sean and Tommy 1979..jpg

Third class in Holy Cross Boys School about 1955. How many can you name?

Mr McGuinness with his class about 1950.

Holy Cross Altar Boys. Hopefully Raymond O'Connor will fill in the missing details, date etc..jpg

Butlin’s Holiday photograph in the 50s. Is this an Ardoyne crowd? If you know write in and let us know.