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Tommy Tracy wedding group 1919

Right, back, Brenda Carty and Lily Donnelly. Kathleen Fox and Carol Donnelly front.

Patsy Edwards and Noel Kearney at a dance in St Mary's Hall 1964.

'Kils Cubs' 1971.

Doreen and Jim on their 25th Wedding Anniversary at a Surprise Party in Sarsfield's GAC Club in October 1988. Also pictured are their daughters, Lisa and Katrina and son Jim..

Frances & Eddie's Engagement party 1961.

The Wedding of Davy Stafford and Mary McCallum 1967.

The Stevenson family of Brompton Park 1955.

Sammy Ferrin and Mary Seymour about 1979.

Mary Peters.

Brian, Neilli Alexander, Paddy Travers and Tommy McCann 2002.

Tommy and Frank Clarke, 2002.

Lower Elmfield Street 1952.

Rita Watts with her good friend Nan Caulfield at the wedding of Nan’s daughter Phil.

Rita Watts pictured with her first grandchild, Shauna.

Lucia Santina Anzellina with her Mum and Dad, Sharon and Michele 2002

Harry Mallon 2002.

Terence McAteer 2002.

Visitor To Ardoyne.

Brendan McMullan 2002.