| PFTP - 7

Sean Curran, Gerry Graham, Joe Mallon, Joe Whelan and Maureen Graham in the Crumlin Star 1980.

Conor Maguire with three friends enjoying themselves in Newcastle, 20 years ago. Who are your friends Conor? Where are they now? Are you still in touch with them?

Snooker Exhibition 2001. Willie and Ronnie with a young fan 2001.

The Crumlin Star Snooker Society in their inaugural year, 1987.

Weightlifters 1964.

St Gab's Cyclists

Molly Maguires Pool Team 2002.

Molly Maguire’s Pool team’s Captain/Manager 2002, Jimmy McNally

Mrs Dickson with her son Andy and daughter Sarah

Assumption Convent 1953

Golf Presentation some years ago.

Bobby Marks aged 11 in 1951. Was he not a handsome boy?

Catherine McKeown, Tommy Thompson, Albert McKeown and Ann Reid about 1976.

Where and when we don't know.

Communion Group, when we don't know.

When we don't know - HELP

Mrs Annie McKeown from Etna Drive, with her son Gerry about 1966.

Joe McAlea right, top of Butler’s Street about 1966. Does anyone know the other lad?

‘When We Were All So Young’, about 1973.

on Our Lady’s Altar about 1960.