| PFTP - 10

Will some of these ladies, now in their twilight years, help put names to the faces before the information is lost forever.

Miss Annie Tracy 1940

Davy and Mary Stafford in Barbados Carribean in Jan 2010

Davy hard at work cedar Avenue 1980's

Crumlin Street after domolition, Brookfield Street (top ) has already been built on.

Holy Cross Palastrina Choir 1902

Maureen and John Kearney and son Noel. Also pictured is Mrs Coogan at 19 Brompton Park, about 1946

Mavis Kenning, Mary McGuickin and Suzzanne Gormley in Crumlin Star 1979.

Seamus and Teresa Reagan in rumlin Star 1979.

Jimmy and Mary Connors 1998. Jimmy was Consigliere of the ‘most bombed’ Hotel in Europe.

Inglis Biscuit Co Ltd - Calendar Girl 1912.

Richard Todd- the Irish born film actor- during a visit to Gallaghers Tobacco Factory about 1950.

Inglis & Co Ltd Biscit & Confectiomery, 24th April 1937.

Bernard Hughes' Model Bakery Ltd - Calendar Girl 1914.

Maggie Moan from Glenview Street who died in 1990.

George Duffy 1958

Joseph Doherty 1958

Joseph O'Shea 1958

Michael McCrumlish 1958

Vincent McStraw 1958.

Sean Murphy 2nd- Freddie Hughes 3rd and Tommy Kelly 5th- with three local men